Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change in the Stock Market

We are no longer a TRIO!!

For all further information on this change check out our new blog at:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Derek

Derek took Monday and Tuesday off so he could help get some last minute things done before baby is born. He did the dishes (with a little help from Mya), cleaned both bathrooms, washed the kitchen floor, vacuumed, laundry, watched Mya while I went to MOPS Tuesday morning, changed the sheets on Mya's bed, went grocery shopping with me and probably more that i'm forgetting...he probably is wishing he had gone to work:) Thanks babe!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today was my 26th birthday. I think you really appreciate a birthday (really more your mom)when you are ready to have a baby in 4 days and really can relate to exactly how she was feeling all those years ago.

Mya was very proud of her blue tongue.

She was also a little disapointed that the cards didn't play music but got over it pretty quick.

So the real reason I did this post is to brag about my husband. I have been eyeing up a Cricut for quite a while and that is what I got for my birthday. Not only that but when we opened it there was a piece missing and he packed it all back up and went to 2 different Wal-Marts to return and find one with all the parts. Then he watched Mya all afternoon while I took a nap. What a good husband!

Walk on the beach

Saturday afternoon we found a new beach/park right by our house. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had fun exploring and watching all the boats.

When we got home Derek and Mya played with Play-doh. Well Mya made requests and Derek created...I like the hulk like Cinderella:)

Baby Shower

I am on the MOPS planning team at church and Friday morning we had a meeting. Before the meeting they suprised me with a baby shower. We got cute outfits, toys, blankets, bath items and many more fun gifts! Thanks everyone!!

Mya was very excited to get cake for breakfast.

The rest of the team minus 2.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Princess Mya

This past weekend was missions conference at church. So Mya wore her India outfit. She danced around all morning singing to herself and acting like a princess. She then asked if she was going to get married...we told her she had to wait till she was older:)


Helping mommy make pancakes

We wanted to eat the fruit snacks at the top of the hill but they were spraying the grass so we had to settle for the benches at the bottom...not sure when i'll hear the end of that one.

Dance dance princess Mya